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Children & Adolescents


"It is not unusual for children to be deceptive or withholding or to purposefully lie in order to avoid things they don’t want to share..." 

"However, it is far more difficult for them to hide their true thoughts and feelings in their artwork."

- Bruce D. Perry, Child Psychiatrist & leading trauma expert.

Children and teens naturally process and understand things in a different way. Children and teens do not have the complex developmental skills to be able to verbally explain many emotional experiences. 

Art therapy can be helpful for children as it offers a form of therapy that is child and youth friendly. Art therapy helps children and teens to express their true thoughts, feelings, urges and experiences in a creative and playful way which is non-judgemental and non-threatening. Creative play and making helps children to regain emotional balance and can develop skills such as insight, self awareness, joint attention, and language to articulate and share experience. Art therapy can also help our young people to form healthy and positive identities. 

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