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Disabilities & Chronic Illness


My rich personal and professional experience has allowed me to have a deepened understanding of the unique experience of living with disability or chronic illness. I understand the stigma and discrimination that people living with disabilities or invisible disabilities often experience and how this can impact on our social and emotional wellbeing. I also understand the grief and loss accompanied by a body that has lost or is loosing ability and the anxiety of uncertain future.

I offer a safe space which is open, empathetic, validating and sincere. My aim is to offer my professional skills and compassion to provide a mental health service that caters specifically to the needs of those who are living with a chronic illness or disability. I have been blessed to have begun my career working over five years in disability support work and recognize the structural and social barriers that impact on the well being and mental health of those living with a chronic illness or disability.

Psychotherapy/Art Therapy or supportive counselling for people living with disabilities can help the body to relax so it can have more energy to restore. I am passionate about being able to use Art Therapy as not only a healing therapy to those experiencing or on the verge of crisis, but also as a preventative form of healthcare.

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