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Weaving Connections: Nature Weaving (Blog + Gallery)

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

On Sunday the 19th of April 2020 I facilitated a nature based weaving process. View the facebook live recording here. Using a found Y shaped stick for the loom frame and natural objects and other textiles for weaving into the loom. Additionally I invited participants to explore values symbolic during the weaving process.

Weaving allows us to slow down and is felt to most as meditative and grounding. Weaving is also an ancestral skill that has allowed us humans to survive and evolve. It feels to me personally that a part of my more primitive part of self feels more alive and capable as my hands work with the materials and I can see my weave growing.

The focus and rhythmic movement required to weave is a large part of its emotionally regulating effect. Additionally, the sensory experience of holding and using natural materials and soft textiles can support us connect with feelings of nurturance and safety.

Below is a slideshow gallery of images that participants have given permission to share or have been created by myself.


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