What is Art Therapy?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Art Therapy?

Art Therapy is an evidence based psychosocial therapy to improve health and mental wellbeing. It combines the studies of art art, psychology and psychotherapy/counselling. Art Therapy uses art materials and other forms of creativity to support better self-expression to help people explore, express, communicate and understand their emotions and themselves better, leading to better mental health and wellbeing.

What is a Registered Art Therapist?

Registered Art Therapists (AThR), with ANZACATA (the peak body for Creative Arts Therapists in Australia), are Masters trained mental health professionals who can provide therapy to those with trauma, mental health conditions, illness and disability. 

Is it just art making?

No, depending on your needs, an Art Therapy session could be a mix of talk-based counselling/psychotherapy and art-based processes. Some people prefer more verbally processing with image making to support this, and some prefer entirely art-based processes to express or regulate emotions. 

Do I need to bring/buy anything?

No, all basic art materials are supplied! I carry paints, pencils, pastels, markers, paper, clay and some other craft materials to be used in sessions.

NDIS may be able to fund some art materials for home or session use if required to support your NDIS goals.

Who is Art Therapy for?

I believe that Art Therapy can be for everybody of every age and every ability. No art skills are required to participate.


Due to less reliance on verbal-communication, Art Therapy broadens accessibility of mental health therapy to the disability and neurodiversity community. 

How does a session look?

Sessions are 1 hour long and is a bit like a counselling session with art materials.