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Supervision for Therapists

Supervision with Alana Stewart, AThR

My View on Supervision

I have always loved supporting other therapists. For me, providing supervision is nurturing other therapists to be able to grow, to feel more confident and effective. I value supporting therapists to develop their practice in a way that feels meaningful to them so that they can continue to best serve their clients and have a positive impact on our communities. 

What is Supervision?

Supervision is mandatory for all registered allied health professionals. For Art Therapists who are members of ANZACATA 1 hour of supervision is required for every 15 hours of client work. Supervision is a reflective space to focus on our clinical work, work through challenges relating to our roles, gain deeper understandings, refine skills, look after our professional wellbeing and more, all related to the valuable work that we do.

My approach

My aim is to create a supportive space where you can feel a sense of ease to share and wonder about the work you do and your responses. My role is to provide you with a space which you can use to develop as a professional therapist, integrate your professional experiences into practice wisdoms, grow your reflective capacity and strengthen your sense of identity as a professional therapist.

As a Registered Art Therapist (AThR) and supervisor with ANZACATA I also utilize art processes to enrich our dialogues, allowing for a creative exploration that deepens our awareness and understanding. 

Who do I support?

I can supervise Art Therapists who are practicing members of ANZACATA however members of ACA and PACFA are also welcome to enquire.

My Focus Areas/Professional Skillset 

- Later childhood/pre-teens to adulthood

- Child-focused parent support

- Working with NDIS clients

- Neurodivergent mental health

- Psychosocial disability/mental ill health

- Trauma & complex trauma

- Family Violence

- Art Therapy/Psychotherapy

- Nature-based therapeutic approach

- Training and working with a therapy dog

- Disability issues

- Developing and running a private practice 

More about Alana Stewart

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